Central Public Procurement Portal

Sl.No. Tender Number Tender Notice Competent Authority Closing Date
1. UK and West UPGDC Ddn/672/15-L-2/2018/9 Tender for Disposal of Unserviceable Stores, Instruments, Equipments, Furniture and Computers Director, UK and West UPGDC Dehradun 15-03-2018
2. M and Ar.P GDC Shillong/S- 246 /16-A-1/2018/8 Tender for Hiring of Vehicles for Field Duties along India-Myanmar Boundary Director, M and Ar.P GDC Shillong 26-02-2018
3. K and L GDC, Thiruvananthapuram/119/11-A-G/2018/7 Tender for Procuring the Services of Safaiwalas Director K and L GDC, Thiruvananthapuram 19-03-2018
4. TNPGDC Chennai/01 / 2018/6 Tender for Outsourcing the Services of Security Guards, Safaiwala, Drivers and Local labourers Director, TNP and ANI GDC Chennai 02-03-2018
5. OGDC Bhubaneswar/E-15/5-A/2018/5 Tender for Supply of Drivers,Security Guard,Safaiwala,Mali and Wash Boy Director OGDC, Bhubaneswar 28-02-2018
6. WPG Delhi Cantt/WPG/ 160 /15-A-S/E-PROCURE/2018/4 Tender for Procurement of CtP Plates Director, WPG Delhi Cantt 08-03-2018
7. WPG Delhi Cantt/WPG/126/15-A-S/126/E-Procure/2018/3 Tender for Procurement of Printing Paper Director, WPG Delhi Cantt 27-02-2018
8. MPGDC Jabalpur/205/4E-1-1(Contract)/2018/2 Tender for Hiring of Services of Unskilled Personnel, Security Guard and Safaiwala Director, MPGDC Jabalpur 14-03-2018
9. EPG Kolkata/71 /13-A- 14(Canteen)/2018/01 Tender for Outsourcing the Services of Safaiwala, Halwai, Cook and Technical Labour Director, EPG Kolkata 21-02-2018


Last Updated on 20-02-2018