Central Public Procurement Portal

Sl.No. Tender Number Tender Notice Competent Authority Closing Date
1. WPG Delhi Cantt/WPG/813/15-A-S(Rep)Plates/2017/146 Invitation of Quotation for CtP Plates Director WPG Delhi Cantt 25-08-2017
2. EPG,Kolkata/652/15-D-3(1)\2017\145 Disposal of Unserviceable studio equipment etc Director EPG Kolkata 13-09-2017
3. APGDC,Hyd\S-40817\39-A ( UPS)\2017\144 Tender for Comprehensive AMC of UPS Director APGDC Hyderabad 31-08-2017
4. EPG Kolkata/635/15-D-3(1)/2017/143 Tender for Sale of Glass Negative Sheets Director, EPG Kolkata 31-08-2017
5. UK and WUPGDC DDn/2073/15-P-CPB(2017-18)/2017/142 Tender for the Supply of Miscellaneous Items(Expendable Items) Director, UK and West UPGDC Dehradun 01-09-2017
6. UK and WUPGDC DDn/2074/15-P-CPB(2017-18)/2017/141 Tender for Supply of Stationery Items Director, UK and West UPGDC Dehradun 01-09-2017
7. UK and WUPGDC DDn/2075/15-P-CPB(2017-18)/2017/140 Tender for Supply of Summer/Winter Liveries Items Director, UK and West UPGDC Dehradun 24-08-2017
8. Bihar GDC Patna/602/15-L/2017/137 Quotation for Disposal of Unserviceable Condemned Govt. Stores Director ,Bihar GDC Patna 05-09-2017
9. EPG Kolkata/602/15-D-3(1)/2017/136 Tender for Disposal of Unserviceable I.T Equipments(Computer,Printer,Laptop etc) Director, EPG Kolkata 22-08-2017
10. APGDC Hyderabad/310717/2017/135 Tender for Outsourcing the Services of Safaiwala Director, APGDC Hyderabad 21-08-2017
11. Director G and RB Ddun/S-01/15-P-8(RTDT)/2017/132 Expression of Interest (EOI) For Establishment of Fallback Real Time Tidal and GNSS Data For Transmission System Director G and RB Dehradun 28-08-2017


Last Updated on 18-08-2017