MAPS  (All Maps are printed in English language, except where otherwise stated )

Our expertise in this field compares to the best anywhere in the world. They have tremendously rendered their services to the Government of India to bring out various types of maps for publication by Survey of India.

Topographical Maps – 

These were printed by Survey of India on 1:250,000;  1:50,000 and 1:25,000 scales. Technically they were based on Everest Datum and Polyconic Projection. But, since National Mapping Policy - 2005 has been implemented  (May 19, 2005) in our department the production of fresh topographical maps has been stopped. Till date target of 100% OSM sheets printing has not been achieved so these maps are still available in our map sale counters.

Open Series Maps (OSM) – These are prepared on 1:250,000;  1:50,000 and 1:25,000 scales for the use of general public/civilians for supporting development activities in the country. Technically maps of this series are based on WGS-84 Datum and UTM Projection. They do not contain grid and classified information; therefore, they are kept under unrestricted category. They can be obtained from all map sale centre and other authorized agents deputed all over the country. Few sheets are also printed in Hindi and other regional languages.

Defence Series Maps (DSM) - These are prepared on 1:250,000;  1:50,000 and 1:25,000 scales for the use of defence forces of India for supporting national security requirements. Technically maps of this series are based on WGS-84 Datum and LCC Projection. They contain full features of map with grid, contours and other classified information without any dilution of accuracy; therefore, they are kept under restricted category. Survey of India is only authorized for preparation and printing of DSM. For sale and distribution the responsibilities are assigned to ADGMS (GSGS), Ministry of Defence, DGIS Enclave, Rao Tula Ram Marg, Delhi Cantt.

General Wall Maps – In this category following types of maps are printed:

Map of India & Adjacent Countries (On 1:12 M & 1:16 M scales, Hindi & English both languages)

Map of India & Adjacent Countries (On 1:2.5 M & 1:8 M scales)

Political Map of India (On 1:15 M scale, Hindi & English both languages)

Political Map of India (On 1:4 M scale, Hindi, English, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannad, Kashmiri, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil & Telugu languages)

Physical Map of India (On 1:4.5 M & 1:15 M scales, Hindi & English both languages)

Railways Map of India (On 1:3.5 M scale, Hindi & English both languages)

Road Map of India (On 1:2.5M scale)

Children Map of India (On 1:4 M scale, Hindi & English both languages)

National Parks & Sanctuaries in India (On 1:5M scale)

Sacred Places of Freedom Movement (On 1:4 M scale, Hindi language)

The World Map [On 1:40 M scale (Hindi & English both) & 1:20 M scale]

State Maps (On 1:1M scale, separate for each states of India) - @ Rs 55/- each

Delhi & Its Environs (in two parts)

Motoring Map of India

Hill Ranges & Rivers (On 1:5M scale)

Plastic Relief Maps – @ Rs 140/- each—In this category following types of maps are prepared:

India – Physical (On 1:15M scale)

India – Political (On 1:15 M scale)

Route Map from Rishikesh to Badrinath - Kedarnath (On 1:250,000 scale)

Tourist Map Series (On 1:50,000 scale) – Only the following cities are covered in this category: Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Bikaner, Chandigarh, Chennai, Darjeeling, Dalhousie, Dehra Dun, Delhi, Gandhi Nagar, Gwalior, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Khujuraho, Kolkata, Kullu, Mahabaleshwar, Mumbai, Mussoorie, Mysore, Patna, Rameshwaram & Kanyakumari, Shillong and Vadodara 

Guide Maps (On various scale depends upon the size of the city) – About 90 cities of India are covered in this category.

Trekking Maps (On 1:250,000 scale) - Only the following are printed in this category: Route map of Jammu & Kashmir (in two parts), Shimla Hills, Badrinath, Badri – Kedar, Gangotri – Yamnotri and Kumaon Hills.

Antique Map Series (On various scales) – Only 11 antiquarian interests are covered.   

District Planning Map Series (On 1:250,000 scale) - About 200 districts of India are covered in this category.

ICAO (World Aeronautical) Charts (On 1:1 M scale)

International Maps of the World (IMW) (On 1:1 M scale)

Parliamentary/ Assembly Constituency Maps

Thematic Maps – These maps fulfill the specific requirements, such as Census, Soil, Education etc. This task has been shared with National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organization (NATMO), Kolkata.

Photo maps / image generated by rectification of available aerial photographs / satellite imagery bringing them to a correct scale. Some annotation of details is done so that the user can identify and relate information on the ground. Photo mosaic is a by-product of photo maps in which adjoining aerial photographs are rectified and brought to the same scale for use as a photo map for the entire area of interest.


Survey of India also renders its services for the bonafide students of geography, the following products/maps are published for this purpose-

Outline Maps (On various scales) – They are freely available on our website for educational purpose of students. In this category following types of maps are prepared:

Outline Map of India

Political Map of India

Physical Map of India

Railway Map of India

India – Roads & Air Route

India – Railways & Sea Routes

India – Soils

India – Population

India – Annual Average Rainfall

India – Rivers

World Map – Political (Outline)

School Atlas (In two categories - Ordinary and Deluxe)

Educational Topographical Maps (On 1:50,000 scale) –These are printed with Arbitrary Grid, soon they are going to be replaced by Educational OSM Sheets. Following Sheet Nos. are covered in this category:

Topographical Sheet No. OSM Sheet No. Area covered
45D/7 G43S7 Gujarat
45D/10 G43S10 Rajasthan
45F/3 G43H3 Rajasthan
53B/7 H43K7 Punjab
56D/11 E43W11 Karnataka
63K/12 G44Q12 Uttar Pradesh
64P/13 F44X13 Orissa
73M/6 F45D6 West Bengal


Maps of Restricted Zones

Maps on scales larger than 1:1 million of certain areas, published by the Survey of India are classified as RESTRICTED. Restricted maps are issued to Government of India Officials, Education and Scientific Institutions and Semi-Govt. Organizations including Public Undertakings for bonafide purposes. Applications for such maps must be made on Form O.57a (free of cost obtainable from any of the Survey of India Map Sales Offices or can be easily downloaded). Issues of Maps are made subject to the conditions mentioned in the form and these are liable to be revised by the Ministry of Defence, Government of India. Every indent should clearly indicate the purpose for which the maps are required. Private individuals and organizations / commercial firms can also obtain RESTRICTED maps subject to their demand being approved by the Ministry of Defence, Government of India, through the State Govt. to whom they should apply.


Most of the publication of Survey of India is readily in the form of Hard Copy as well as Soft Copy Digital Data format.

Tidal and Sea Surface Data

Such data recorded by the Survey is already being used extensively by both private and government agencies and organizations the world over. And also by research scholars and educationists. Annual Tidal predictions of 44 standard ports all over the world are published in the Indian Tide Tables for sale to Indian and Foreign agencies.

Magnetic Data

Survey of India makes regular observations for magnetic data that are of immense value for scientists.

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