Mandate of Survey of India

Survey of India being the National Mapping Agency bears the responsibility to ensure that the country’s domain is explored and mapped suitably, provide base maps for expeditious and integrated development.

In the year 2005, the Union Cabinet approved the National Map Policy 2005 (NMP-2005), which mandates Survey of India for producing, maintaining and disseminating the topographic map database of the whole country, which is foundation of all spatial data. SOI has been mandated to take a leadership role in liberalizing access of spatial data to user groups without jeopardizing national security. The mandate includes:

  1.      To provide, maintain and allow access and make available the National Topographic Database (NTDB) conforming to national standards. (Through Geospatial services, Web Services, Web Portals, Mobile Application and dissemination of Printed / Digital maps ). 
  2.      To promote the use of geospatial knowledge and intelligence through partnerships and other mechanisms by all sections of the society and work towards a knowledge-based society. ( Through Capacity Building of officers and staff of SoI, Central/State Government organizations, private candidates and trainees from other countries ).

National Topographic Database

Survey of India has been mandated to create, develop and maintain the National Topographical Data Base (NTDB) in analogue and digital forms consisting of following data sets:

A.     National Spatial Reference Frame

(i)           National Ground Control Points (GCPs) Library: At 25-30 km across the country.

(ii)         CORS network

(iii)       Precision Bench Marks (BMs): At 35-40 km across the country.

(iv)        Geodetic Surveys for precision control (Horizontal & Vertical)

(v)          Tidal observation at Indian ports. Publication of Annual Tide tables giving prediction of tides one year in advance for 44 ports (30 Indian ports and 14 foreign ports).

(vi)        Geo-physical or Gravity surveys across country

(vii)      Geo-magnetic surveys across the country

All the above comprise the National Foundation Dataset. The underlying 3D models, 3D point clouds, Ortho Rectified Base Image also form integral part of National Foundation Dataset (NFD).

B.      National Digital Elevation Model

(i)           National DEM of + 10 metre accuracy for the country

(ii)         High Resolution DEM 0f  + 3 metre accuracy

(iii)       Ultra High Resolution DEM of + 50 cm accuracy

C.      National Topographic Template

(i)              Preparation of Topographic maps on all scales

(ii)            Preparation/ Updation of Aeronautical charts

(iii)          Special purpose surveys for Airports/Airfields of AAI/Navy/Coast Guards

(iv)           Preparation of Maps for Indian Air Force on 1:0.5/1/2/10 Million scales and Flip-Book Part-II

(v)             Topography of all rivers

(vi)           Disaster Mitigation Maps as per National Disaster Management Plan 2016

(vii)         SoI responsibility as per NDM Act 2005: - to provide HR NTDB data

(viii)       Survey of Forests, Cantonments, Large Scale City Surveys, Guide Maps, Tourist Maps etc.

(ix)           Survey and Mapping for citizen centric developmental Projects.

D.     Administrative Boundaries

(i)           International Boundary (IB) Survey/Demarcation/Relocation, Preparation of IB Strip Maps, depiction of correct external boundaries of India on maps, Scrutiny and certification of correct external boundaries/coastline of India on maps published by other agencies, advice on IB matters to MEA.

(ii)         Inter-state boundary (ISB) Survey/Demarcation/Relocation, Preparation of IB Strip Maps, advice on ISB matters to MHA/Hon’ble Supreme Court/High Court/Other Courts.

(iii)       Preparation of Administrative boundaries data up to village level.

(iv)        Demarcation of Hazard line along Indian coasts as per (Coastal Regulation Zone Notification (CRZ) dated 2nd July 2018, MoEF & CC)

E.      Toponomy (place names)

To provide Standardized Geographical names duly verified in the field to MHA, in matters pertaining to New/Change of place names/Railway station names across the country.


Last Updated on 25-11-2020